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Chayag En Familia Project

We would like to present our new CD Chayag En Familia.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this project.

$15 Digital code & CD

One physical copy of the disc mailed to an address of your choice and a digital download code.


$40 Hand made bamboo flute, digital code & CD

Beautiful hand crafted bamboo flute by Alex Ll. Easy to play and learn. We'll also send you a signed copy of the disc and a digital download code.

$300 Live concert,

hand made bamboo flute, digital code & CD

One hour concert Chayag concert or event of your choosing at a mutually agreed upon date, time, and location. We'll also send you a signed copy of the disc, digital download code and a bamboo flute.

$40 Traditional Scarf, digital code & CD

Handmade scarf.  We'll also send you a signed copy of the disc, digital download code.


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"Chayag en Familia"

Our next project is going to take place in Ecuador during the 2019-20 school year.  Our goal is to record and produce a traditional music album as a family with the collaboration of friends who are local musicians in Ecuador.  During our staying, we will dedicate our time to acquire more knowledge in traditional music, rhythms, traditional dances and culture. This experience will strengthen our ability to serve as a bridge between cultures, which is the passion that most motivates us to continue making and sharing our music as a family. 

Upon our return to the States, we wish to share the fruits of our labor by presenting this project to you all and the community. 

We hope with your contribution we will be able to reach our financial goal and make this project a reality.


Nuestro proyecto actual se llama “Chayag en familia” Este proyecto continúa décadas de trabajo de Alex Llumiquinga para presentar la interpretación de ritmos tradicionales andinos y para deleitar al público, tanto jóvenes como mayores. El énfasis en nuestro trabajo actual es mostrar la importancia de transmitir estas tradiciones a nuestros hijos. El espectáculo fluye con historias narradas demostrando los sonidos, colores de nuestro país y alternando con la interpretacion de instrumentos tradicionales (charango, zampoña, bombo, cajón). Presentando danzas coloridas tanto interpretativas como tradicionales. Durante la presentación se invita al público a aplaudir, cantar y bailar mientras contemplan las raíces indígenas, africanas y europeas de la música folclórica de América Latina.

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